A dog has a sixth sense when it comes to “walkies”.  They instinctively know walks are good for them. As all dog owners know, there are few activities that excite a dog more than going for a walk.  A dog can sense they’re going for a walk even before they hear the jingle of their lead.

A dog’s natural tendency is to be active. They jump at the chance to get the exercise and mental stimulation a walk provides.

Dogs are social animals, they need stimulation and they want to know what’s going on in the world.  If they are confined to the house or garden too long, they get bored which can lead to destructive behaviour.  Even if your dog is active in the home/garden, he still needs another outlet for pent-up energy.

Don’t expect your dog to create his own exercise routine just because you’ve put him outside.

While letting your dog run around the garden or taking him to a dog park can be good exercise, it isn’t a substitute for walking.  These activities don’t offer the same mental stimulation your dog gets by investigating every new sight, smell and sound when they go for a walk.

Behaviourists believe dogs that are taken for a daily walk are better behaved and are less likely to be destructive, obsessive or have separation/dominance issues.

You’ll benefit from having a well exercised dog, as tired dogs tend to behave better and you’ll help your dog avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Giving your dog a chance to see the wider world provides him with a mental health boost too. Covering fresh ground on a walk lets your dog investigate new and interesting things.

  • Dog need to walk

  • Dogs are social animals.

  • Dogs are naturally active.

  • Tired dogs behave better.

  • Daily walks prevent boredom.

  • Dogs don’t self entertain – they need stimulation.

  • Dogs need physical and mental stimulation every day.

  • Walking with humans gives the dog a sense of social order and structure.

  • Helps prevent depression.

  • Keeps your pet healthy, agile and limber.

  • Reduces instances of digestive problems and constipation.

  • Helps with social skills when encountering new dogs and people.

  • Good way to help a timid or fearful dog build confidence and trust.

  • Helps prevent boredom and channels the dog’s energy in a productive, acceptable direction.

Dog Walkers Edenvale. Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.