The Power Paws Team

Davina Toale
Davina ToaleCo-founder and Dog Walker
I love all dogs but English Bull Terriers are my passion. Myself and my partner currently have two bull terriers and life would be boring without them. We take them for walks daily so they don’t get bored and eat our house.

I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple dog breeds in my life since I was 6 years old and also the sorrow of losing them. By far our biggest loss was Tank, a 10 month old bull terrier we rescued through Adorable bull terrier rescue. Tank came from a back yard breeder and unfortunately had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) in his hips and suffered from Rage Syndrome.

Our current dogs have their own issues. Gypsy is a grumpy mix (cross bull terrier/weimaraner) and Bandit has loads of energy and skin issues. We recently had MacDuff (our epileptic Bullie) put to sleep which was possibly the hardest thing we’ve had to do in a while. In July we brought a new puppy into our home & our hearts. Seamus Munch is a white bull terrier puppy who is reminding us that white dogs aren’t always clean dogs.

The one thing that unites all dogs, big or small, is that they absolutely love going for walkies which is why we decided to start Power Paws.

Ondine Schultz
Ondine SchultzCo-founder and Dog Walker
I’m Ondine and my doggies are my world. I’ve always had dogs and I have a particular love for the frail golden oldies that have been given up for adoption. Therefore, I have experience with numerous doggie maladies. My German Shepherds Lulu and Barak, both had hip dysplasia. Snoopy, my Miniature Pinscher had arthritis and various other ailments. My Toy Pom Daisy suffered from tracheal collapse and an enlarged heart, and finally my Lab X had a brain tumour.

My current fur babies are rescues Hobbsie, Hope and Sunshine.
Hobbsie is a 7 year old terrier X who is extremely reactive towards other dogs, and as a result attends weekly obedience and agility training, Hope is a 12 year old deaf fox terrier, and Sunshine (my most recent rescue) is a 10 year old Jack Russel X recovering from burns and mange.

I am a qualified canine behaviour and training coach through Friends of the Dog (FODS), who are accredited with the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa.
I’m also a qualified Clicker trainer, have a certificate in Animal Behaviour for Shelter animals and am currently an intern puppy instructor at the FODS Puppy School in Modderfontein.

Electra Raftopoulos
Electra RaftopoulosDog Walker
Since I was young, my home has been filled with the joy and love of my pets. During my childhood, I grew up with 4 dogs. I had Sassie & Zoy(Weimaraners), Zeus(German Shepard) and Christo(Mixed Terrier). This is where my love for dogs started and my fondness for large dog breeds.
As a teenager, I had Sarah(Jack Russell x Fox Terrier) and Samson(Boerboel) who kept my family and me active and busy. Sarah loved food and was an escape-artist. Samson was a big teddy bear who loved his walks. What lovely memories I had with them.
Today my passion for animals has grown as I have 2 years of experience working in this occupation professionally. It is more my love for animals and people which makes it rewarding. I am enthusiastic, hard-working and up for any task. I adore dogs of all species.
Currently, I’m studying part-time towards a BA degree in International Relations. This gives me lots of time for dog walks in great outdoors.
Karlien Pieterse
Karlien PieterseDog Walker
Hi, I’m Karlien. I love animals but I’m mostly a dog person. Unfortunately, ours passed away but I love to walk your furry friends. I’ll treat them with love and affection.
Mitch Brown
Mitch BrownDog Walker
Hi, my name is Mitch, I have a love animals but I have always been more of a dog person. Throughout my life at any given time, my family has owned dogs, from a German Sheppard, Bouvier’s to 2 rescues we currently own… And they have always been the best thing in my life. I enjoy getting out and going for walks with all dogs (especially the big rowdy ones). I have an energetic, yet timid nature so I work well with dogs.
I have recently started my own events company and that keeps me busy on the weekend but during the week I am all in for Power Paws. I have a Sound Engineering degree and I am qualified in Marketing Management. I matriculated from St Benedicts College in 2013 and I have been studying since then.
Some of my hobbies include reading, producing music, hiking and spending as much leisure time with my friends as I can. I am a social being and that is why I have a preference towards dogs. I fully understand that each fury friend is a family member and dearly loved, so I take pride in treating them with courtesy and compassion. I really looked forward to walking with your furry family.
Alysdair Mullen
Alysdair MullenDog Walker
Hi there dog owners and lovers! I’m a lover of all furry beasts, both big and small. I’ve had a hefty amount of experience with all types and breeds of dogs, from volunteering at the SPCA to walking neighbors and my own dogs. Growing up with dogs around me and being able to have them in my life has made me very calm around all types of canine breeds and easy to understand how to react towards a dogs behavior and understand their character over time.
Megan Banks
Megan BanksDog Walker
I have always had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes but nothing comes close to love I share for dogs. My family has had dogs before I was even born and therefor I grew up with dogs.

So far I have had 6 dogs ranging from Chows and Labradors to Jack Russells and Chihuahuas who have all been loved through their years. All my dogs have been rescue puppies and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have had experience with many different breeds, small and big, and I am always up for a challenge. I have an energetic personality but give off a calm and patient vibe when it comes to handling dogs as I feel it is the best way to get a dog to trust and work with you.

I look forward to meeting you and giving your fur babies exercise,love and fun on their walks.

Natalie Mielville
Natalie MielvilleDog Walker
Dear Fur Baby parents. My name is Natalie. Currently I’m a Contract Cabin Crew member by profession and I walk Pups during the time periods I’m not away in Africa. I really enjoy what I do when taking your doggies for their outing, and the way I can help you by helping them get their exercise and curious sniffles in. The excitement of your pets when we greet them for our walks is definitely the highlight of my day. I grew up with German Shepherds, big or small you’ve got to love them all. Those who teach us the most about Humanity aren’t always human.