Puppy School is fun! There aren’t many better ways to spend a morning than with a group of cuddly puppies all learning the ropes on how to be a #GoodBoy or a #GoodGirl with their doting and besotted parents!

Puppy School is also the first and particularly important step towards developing a well-balanced adult dog who is confident and friendly to both people and other dogs. While it may all seem like fun and games, there are also some extremely important lessons that are being learned at the same time, with top of the list – and where better than in a safe space with a trained professional and with their favourite humans close by.

Regular attendance at Puppy School can help to prevent fear and aggression responses further down the line as it helps your puppy become accustomed to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells in a safe environment.

No matter how experienced you may be as a dog owner, or how many other dogs you have at home, the early lessons learned at Puppy School during the “imprinting period” are the most important and will remain with your dog throughout its lifetime.

Your puppy will learn general obedience skills and basic commands such as sit and stay and to come when called. ALL puppy training should be positive – and if you or your puppy feel anything other than 100% happy and comfortable with the Puppy School or Trainer – rather find another one.

Puppy School will show you how to train your puppy with praise, play and treats. Puppies that attend Puppy School gain valuable confidence through positive reinforcement. Working regularly with your dog helps you to understand their needs better, making you an even better owner as well. It can also be a great source of exercise and open up new possibilities for you—the better behaved your dog is, the easier it is to take him along wherever you go because Rover is, after all, part of the family!