A quality Doggy Daycare program will offer healthy activities and stimulation for your pup, helping to alleviate negative behaviours that can develop due to boredom, providing mental stimulation and an outlet for all that energy while also providing essential exercise to keep him in tip top physical condition.

A professional, well-run Doggy Daycare offers many advantages for both the dogs and for the owners who work all day, and don’t want their dogs to be left alone for hours on end. A well-managed and well-run Doggy Daycare will offer a safe, interactive and fun, cage-free outlet for furry family members to alleviate boredom and loneliness while their parents work hard so that their dogs can have nice things!

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, Doggy Daycare is one of the best ways to help them deal with this. The mental stimulation, distraction, exercise and consistent routine will all help to soothe separation anxiety.

Doggy Daycare should be more than just a place to leave your dog when you’re unable to be with them – you need to be comfortable leaving your dog there, and your dog needs to be happy to stay there. Think of it as a “home from home” for when you’re not around.

Here are 10 things to look for to help you decide if this could be the Doggy Daycare for you both:

1) Open and happy play environment

This encourages exercise and socialisation for all dogs. Your dog should be assessed beforehand to make sure they are a good fit for open play and to determine where they will fit in best, based on their size and temperament.

2) Socialising

Your dog will learn how to socialise and how to act and be more comfortable around new dogs and new people.

3) Playrooms

The Doggy Daycare Playrooms should all be spacious and comfortable specifically created with your dog’s safety in mind and cleaned regularly with pet-friendly products.

4) Develop Confidence

Your dog will learn good behaviour, learn to adjust to new dogs, make new furry friends and become more well-rounded and confident with each day at their Doggy Daycare.

5) A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog

This new busy and active day will lead to less mischief at home, which every pet parent appreciates. A tired dog is a happy dog!

6) Know Your Dog

Your Doggy Daycare should keep an eye on your dog and be able to tell you immediately if there is a problem, or if he is off colour or just doesn’t seem himself. The onus is also on you not to send a sick dog to Doggy Daycare.

7) No Guilt

You won’t feel guilty anymore about leaving your dog home alone, and you won’t have to worry what chaos and destruction you’re going to find when you get home either!!

8) A Team You Can Trust

You need to be able to trust the Team that is looking after your dog. Get to know them and build up a relationship with them – it will benefit everyone in the long run.

9) Overall

Socialisation and exercise should lead to a happier pup overall, which will make you a happier pet parent. They should get plenty of playtime, make new friends and come home happy and relaxed. Just what every parent wants!

10) Both of you must be happy and comfortable

Your fur-child AND you must be happy and comfortable. Him with being dropped there, and you with leaving him there every day. If, for any reason you’re not – it’s time to look for a new one.

Think of your Doggy Daycare as an investment in peace of mind for both of you.