You may have noticed something a bit different about Power Paws recently!

Not only have we expanded the Team, we’ve done some rebranding too!

We’re still the same Power Paws you know and trust, we just refurbished a bit to make way for the exciting new services and products we’ll be offering from December, and brand-new Divisions in 2021.

We started as a two women team in 2018, and in 2020 we decided to get serious, expanding to an eight-walker strong Dog-walking Team which includes two qualified dog trainers.

The reason for our rebranding was two-fold:

We wanted to add new services and products to Power Paws and also expand into our vision for its future growth but without losing the original essence and principles of Power Paws that have made it so successful.

We decided to officially register Mutt Club (Pty) Ltd which will cover the existing structure and give us the “umbrella” under which to expand the new Divisions in 2021.

Mutt Club (Pty) Ltd (2020):

Power Paws – dog walking

Mutt Stuff – pet products & food

Mutt Vet – assistance with vet visits

The following Divisions will be added in 2021:

Mutt Club – doggy day care

Mutt Training – puppy & dog training


This, of course, got us thinking. We wanted to create a new logo that was able to incorporate all the current Divisions, but could also be used for our expansion in 2021 without having to make any more major changes – and this is what our fantastic designer created.

So – how will our logo work in relation to the Mutt Club brand?


We’ve started by rebranding Power Paws and launching our Mutt Club logo. Notice the leads? Dog walking? See what we did here?!


Keeping to the same theme, the Mutt Stuff logo looks almost the same, but with “stuff”!

See where we’re going with this….!



Mutt Vet and Mutt Training logos will follow along the same lines, with our official Mutt Club logo and a little something extra to show exactly which division it belongs to.

You will be able to see at a glance that this is the same great company taking care of all your mutts’ needs

Our latest run of Power Paws and Mutt Stuff invoices to our clients will be showing off our new logos and we’ll be rebranding our website and all Power Paws social media sites with our new logo during December.

We’re also really excited to announce that we’ll be launching our Mutt Stuff online shop during December at, so watch out for our updates on progress of the store – we may even have a sneak peek and discounts for our current clients.

We really just wanted to assure you that nothing other than our logo has changed. We’re still the same great, dedicated team that puts your mutts first and are now able to offer our clients an expanded range of services from a brand you already know and trust.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us to put your mind at ease. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have