Thanks for your interest in having your dogs walked by the Power Paws team.

This document will hopefully answer any questions you may have but please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information.

We usually start the process by arranging a meet and greet, where a Power Paws representative will meet you and your dog/s at your home to discuss your dog/s routines and answer any questions you and your dog/s may have.  This also allows us to pair your dog/s up with the walker we feel is best suited to your dog/s needs.

Power Paws walks in the area you are based in, although in special circumstances we will drive to a park near you and walk there.

Walks are 30-40 minutes long (depending on the dog).   We do not pack walk – meaning we only walk your dog/s and not anyone else’s at the same time.  Although there are walkers who do pack walk, we find it better not to as not all the dogs we walk are social butterflies.

We walk according to your dog/s pace, and we allow the dog/s to sniff as sniffing is a very important part of walking for a dog.

We currently have a team of 9 walkers who walk everything from pugs to spaniels to malamutes to pit bulls, so we’re well versed in most breeds of dog.  Our walkers are trained in basic canine body language and dog walking by our on-staff behaviourist/trainer. We use positive reinforcement when walking and do not use choke chains.

Walks are R130 for the first dog and R30 for each additional dog.

We walk Monday to Friday.  We do not walk on weekends or public holidays. Our team currently do an average of 20 walks per day and need the weekends to spend time with their dogs.

Areas we currently walk in are as follows:

Edenvale and suburbs




Van Riebeeck Park (Kempton Park)




New areas will be added in 2023

Professional Dog Walkers