We have several different options for your walking needs. From daily once-off walks to four, eight and twelve walks per month. Please have a look at the rates below and should you need any further information or wish to discuss a special arrangement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Daily Rate

  • R20 for each additional dog per walk

1 x Walk Per Week

  • R15 for each additional dog per walk

2 x Walks Per Week

  • R12 for each additional dog per walk

3 x Walks Per Week

  • R10 for each additional dog per walk

We understand each household situation is unique and care for your dog should be customised.  Work all day? New baby in the house? Medical concerns? New puppy?  We offer discounts for dogs who need extra time outdoors during the busy work week, because we believe all dogs deserve to be tail wagging happy.  Contact us for more information and like the Power Paws Facebook Page

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