How can I trust your dog walkers?2020-03-31T12:47:16+02:00

Over the past 10 years, we’ve become experts in walking dogs. We have rigorous hiring and training policies in place. As a result we have the best possible team of dog walkers. Our owners, Davina and Ondine oversee the day-to-day operations and consequently are out walking dogs too. All other Power Paws dog walkers have gone through our dog walking programme and have to shadow our more mature dog walkers before being allowed to walk unassisted. The Power Paws brand is extremely important to us and we do everything possible to ensure our clients and their dogs are happy and well cared for.

Will I have the same dog walker every time?2018-09-07T12:39:12+02:00

We always do our best to ensure that you have the same primary dog walker for each walk. However, should there be a schedule change, we will always let you know when a new dog walker will be arriving.  You will have the chance to meet them upon request.

What if my dog is not great with other dogs or new people?2018-09-07T13:31:21+02:00

Our private 30 minute dog walks are perfect for dogs who do not enjoy the company of other dogs. Furthermore, we understand that dogs experience stress when on a leash and understand how to handle dogs that exhibit this behaviour. As a result, all our dog walkers are trained not to approach other dogs while on a walk with your dog. Our dog walkers are taught to keep respectful distances in order to keep all parties safe. If your dog is nervous or aggressive towards new people, we will determine the best course of action for taking care of him/her during the meet & greet.  Above all, our aim is to keep both your pet and our dog walker safe at all times.

Do I need to supply any special equipment for my dog?2018-09-07T13:07:56+02:00

For dogs that like to pull a lot or for dogs that are leash reactive, you may be required to supply an easy walk harness or an anti-pull leash. This way, your dog will be safe on the walk by giving our walkers more control in a safe way. Similarly, we may also ask you to supply treats if your dog has sensitivity issues. Even though we don’t give your dog a lot of treats, we need to make sure they are getting the correct treats.

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