What this brave big little dog lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in personality!! There is a LOT of dog packed into these small bodies.

Dachshunds / Weiner Dogs / Long Dogs come in two sizes (standard and miniature) and 3 different coats (smooth hair, long hair and wire hair) but they all share the same quirky personalities, and have developed an almost a cult-like following among their obsessed owners.

The Dachshund was originally bred to be a hunting dog  for badgers (“dachs” being German for “badger” and “hund” being “hound”) and the hunting and digging traits have remained very strongly ingrained – interspersed with long periods of sleeping in the most comfortable spot in the house! Your Dachshund has an extraordinarily strong, but irresistible, character and will take over your home it not trained properly – and you probably won’t even mind!

Your Dachshund’s deep chest is not for nothing and houses a very capable pair of lungs that he will not be scared to use at every opportunity – real or imagined! Dachshunds have a loud, deep bark and with a keen sense of hearing and smell, they will bark at every noise they hear or anything passing by the gate which can cause problems if you live in a Complex or Flat. They are, however, indoor dogs and are happiest in a home where their humans are home most of the time, making them great family dogs. They are prone to separation anxiety, so be prepared to lose a flower bed or two to ferocious digging if you’re out for too long or they get bored! They are excellent watch dogs as they have sharp hearing and will react to the slightest sound.

Your Dachshund will enjoy Puppy school and Socialisation classes. Start him from an early age otherwise you will be having to manage a dog that will not accept strangers, strange noises or other dogs and will bark continually at these or run away and hide. Basic obedience and lead work will be of benefit too, as Dachshunds can tend to get overexcited when going for a walk.

Dachshunds are accepting of most other breeds with a mild temperament, and you’ll find that most Dachshund owners don’t stop at just one!! Dachshunds are happy in a pack and enjoy the company of other Dachshunds. If raised with other animals from young they will accept them as part of the family but an adult Dachshund coming into a family is very likely to chase the family cat – they have an inbred prey drive which means that anything they are not used to is likely be chased!

Grooming: Dachshunds need a bath once a month (unless they have rolled in something foul smelling which they do love to do), and most of them enjoy being bathed. They love attention, so a buff with a soft brush for your smooth haired will usually always be welcomed!

Long haired dachshunds must be combed out at least once a week, bathed and blow dried regularly to keep their coats soft and free of tangles.

Wire haired dachshunds need a weekly brush and won’t need much more unless they are a show dog, which would require a more specialised grooming.

Do not let your Dachshund get fat! They love their food and are masters at manipulating you into giving them extra snacks, but the extra weight will put strain on his back which could lead to…..

“The Dachshund Back” is legendary – usually for the cost of the surgery. While jumping off beds or couches and running up and down stairs may not cause back problems, it certainly will worsen an existing predisposition or weakness. Make sure you have a big bank balance reserve or a Pet Medical Aid that does not exclude this should your Dachshund ever need back surgery, it is expensive.

With these character-filled little dogs, you can look forward to anywhere from 12 – 16 years of companionship, entertainment and a snuggly sleeping companion who will sneak in under your duvet given half a chance!