Playful, charming and mischievous, Bull Terriers are the clowns of the canine world! If you have a Bull Terrier in your home, be prepared to laugh a lot at his antics!

These loyal dogs are gentle, affectionate, even tempered and playful with family members and also excellent guard dogs. Their muscular frame and loud bark will make sure would-be intruders know that they are not welcome. Bull Terriers can become aggressive if they feel anyone is threatening themselves or their family, but they are generally friendly to everyone and aggression towards people is rare. They are particularly devoted to their owners and their families but as with any large or tough breed, proper precautions around strangers, children, and other animals is essential.

If their owner has not established leadership as Pack Leader, and allowed the Bull Terrier to become the Alpha, Bull Terriers have been known to be possessive and display jealousy and can become overly protective. This can lead to undesirable behaviour especially around other dogs which will need to be addressed immediately by a professional, but Bull Terriers do respond well to training and are fun and rewarding to work with in the training classes.

Reports of people being attacked by Bull Terriers are rare, and not any more common than other breeds – their appearance has given them a reputation far for fearsome than they actually are

If you’re looking for a dog to cuddle with – look no further. Your couch, bed and pillow is theirs, and they are more than happy to share it with you – as long as you are prepared to cuddle!

Your Bull Terrier has an average lifespan of 11 to 14 years and is generally a healthy breed. Notable for the breed is “Patellar Luxation”, which is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. It is also prone to minor health problems like heart complication, allergies and compulsive behaviour, and more serious conditions such as kidney failure and deafness.

With regard to allergies, seasonal or food allergies can cause inflammation of their skin which leads to excessive secretion of oil from certain glands producing a musty smell – known as “Atopy”. Bull Terriers really only need a bath when they get dirty or about once a month. If your Bully has sensitive skin, then rinsing in warm water without shampoo is best should they need a quick rinse of mud or dirt, or if you are concerned, then your Vet will be able to recommend a shampoo for sensitive skin, but it’s better to steer clear of over-the-counter dog shampoo if your Bull Terrier shows any signs of skin sensitivity.

White Bull Terriers are prone to sunburn, which can lead to skin lesions and skin cancer. Use sun protection, and if lesions have occurred, you will need to use “the cone of shame” to prevent him licking it. Keep the area clean the area using a mild antiseptic and topical creams are often useful for the itch and infection, but again – your Vet will be the best person to advise you.

The Bull Terrier was originally a cross between a terrier and a bulldog and has inherited traits from both breeds – stubbornness and tenacity being the two that most Bull Terrier owners will talk about!

Your Bull Terrier will love being walked and exercised! A sturdy harness and a strong lead are the recommended accessories for an outing.

Give your Bully at least one hour of exercise a day which can include walks, with extra playtime and a good amount of mental stimulation so they don’t get bored – you are guaranteed to have just as much fun!