Thinking about getting a beagle? The beagle’s distinctive looks and mild-mannered, affectionate, happy and gentle demeanour make it one of the most popular breeds.

Beagles are a genuinely smart breed and like to have fun (and a purpose). Their instinct to hunt goes back generations when they were bred as hunting hounds to pick up a scent and follow it for long distances, so they are happiest when they’re taken on long walks (or several walks) and given a chance to run and explore their environment through smell.

Beagles also, however, have a well-earned reputation for being rowdy, destructive, and disobedient if bored. Beagles are a breed with a lot of energy, a propensity to boredom and tendency to ignore commands from their owner if something more interesting catches their interest (like that interesting smell she can pick up from a mile away)

Your Beagle is relatively low maintenance and easy to take care of, and their affectionate, yet independent, temperament makes them an ideal family pet and loyal companion

Beagles are not a quiet breed and while beagles aren’t likely to be barking non-stop all day at nothing, do expect frequent bouts of barking. Beagles communicate through barking, so while it may be necessary to discourage the excess barking, remember that beagles will also bark when they are hungry or need to be let outside, etc

If you’re looking for a dog to cuddle – look no further! Beagles love to snuggle. They love to be around people, and if they can get to snuggle up with you in bed, that’s even better.

Typically, a Beagle is not an aggressive breed, but like any dog, when he or she is trying to show dominance or protect his territory, they will display more aggression than is usual. All breeds shows aggression out of fear or pain, and your Beagle will too.

Potty train your Beagle with the “Treat Reward System”! They are highly food motivated, so when you take your puppy outside to potty, make sure to carry some treats in your pocket and reward a “job well done”!

A similar principle would apply to training. A Beagle is an independent breed, but that doesn’t mean he’s untrainable – he might just take a little more effort than other dogs, but with patience and perseverance, you will get there.

Male and female Beagles are quite different, with males being generally more laid back, and female Beagles non-stop bundles of energy. Females can be overwhelming sometimes, while males are easier to handle. Keep in mind that both males and females have their pros and cons, and it comes down to a matter of personal preference. The good news is that your boisterous Beagle puppy will begin to calm down after the age of six months and should have settled down fully by the time they are one and a half to two years old.

FUN FACT: According to Researchers, Beagles are as smart as a two-year-old child! Beagles can learn more than 150 words, understand gestures, process simple mathematical calculations, and can figure out how to use simple devices!!