The Power Paws Team

Davina Toale
Davina ToaleCo-founder and Dog Walker
I love all dogs but English Bull Terriers are my passion. Myself and my partner currently have three (yes, 3) bull terriers and life would be boring without them. We take them for walks daily so they don’t get bored and eat our house.

I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple dog breeds in my life since I was 6 years old and also the sorrow of losing them. By far our biggest loss was Tank, a 10 month old bull terrier we rescued through Adorable bull terrier rescue. Tank came from a back yard breeder and unfortunately had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) in his hips and suffered from Rage Syndrome.

Our current dogs have their own issues. Gypsy is a grumpy lurcher (cross bull terrier/greyhound), Bandit has loads of energy and skin issues and MacDuff has epilepsy.

The one thing that unites all dogs, big or small, is that they absolutely love going for walkies which is why we decided to start Power Paws.

Ondine Schultz
Ondine SchultzCo-founder and Dog Walker
I’m Ondine and my doggies are my world. I’ve always had dogs and I have a particular love for the frail golden oldies that have been given up for adoption. Therefore, I have experience with numerous doggie maladies. My German Shepherds Lulu and Barak, both had hip dysplasia. Snoopy, my Miniature Pinscher had arthritis and various other ailments. My Toy Pom Daisy suffered from tracheal collapse and an enlarged heart, and finally my Lab X had a brain tumour.

My current fur babies are rescues Hobbsie, Hope and Sunshine.
Hobbsie is a 7 year old terrier X who is extremely reactive towards other dogs, and as a result attends weekly obedience and agility training, Hope is a 12 year old deaf fox terrier, and Sunshine (my most recent rescue) is a 10 year old Jack Russel X recovering from burns and mange.
I’m currently studying to become a Level 1 Canine Behaviourist through Friends of the Dog (FODS), who are accredited with the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa.
I’m also a qualified Clicker trainer, have a certificate in Animal Behaviour for Shelter animals and am currently an intern puppy instructor at the FODS Puppy School in Modderfontein.

Heidi Jenzer
Heidi JenzerDog Walker
Hello, my name is Heidi
I have always loved animals. In some way or another I have found that I am always involved with working with animals, small, big, cats, dogs, horses, farm animals, and domesticated, I’m a fan of them all.

I started horse riding lessons at the age of 17. Before that I was about 6 years old and riding Shetland ponies at lifestyle, or any horse at and given opportunity.

During matric, I job shadowed at a livery yard, grooming horses, exercising and training horses and people. I then worked there for 2 years

I left the horse farm to further my education. But it was not long till again I am working with animals.

I have a graphic design diploma, and an admin diploma, I’ve worked in retail, corporate, house sitting and farm yard, I am relaxed, love getting a to do list done, solving problems, if ever any. And spending all the time possible with animals.

I joined power paws this year and am loving every day walking all kinds of dogs, I have already qualified in animal nutrition and hope to further my studies soon into animal behavior.

I look forward to walking your fury family

Claire WickhamDog Walker
Info coming soon
Kate Jackson
Kate JacksonDog Walker
I’m Kate and I absolutely love all animals ranging from doggies to geckos and everything in between. I live in a household with many animals that include five dogs, two cats, an African Grey and a crested gecko.

Three of my five dogs are labradors that all love swimming and causing chaos around the house. Their names are Marley, Luna and Teddy. The other two are my little chihuahuas, who I am absolutely obsessed with. Their names are Taco and Pepsi, but I call them my shadows because I can’t go anywhere in my house without them running behind me.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dogs because I always seem to be covered in their hair.

I joined the Power Paws team this year and I love it. It is so awesome getting to know each dog’s personality and so rewarding seeing how happy they are on the walk. Nothing beats seeing those little beaming faces when we collect the dogs to take them on their walk and I can never complain about having a bad day because dogs always make everything better!