Power Paws is often asked what the benefit is of using (and paying for) a professional Dog Walker vs using a local teenager looking to earn some extra pocket money, or perhaps even the Gardener who doesn’t have much to do that day.
Like anything else, the benefits to using professionals most often becomes evident when there is a crisis, or when the results are assessed over a long-term period. Think, for example, about a builder. It may seem like a great idea at the time to use the guy-next-door to quickly build that garden wall and save some money – after all, he’s way cheaper than the professional and doesn’t have all those extra costs. The crunch comes when six months later the wall falls down – or alternatively – when you sell your house 35 years later and the wall is still standing.
Hiring a professional Dog Walker through Power Paws means you get the benefits of professionally trained Walkers whose focus is on giving your dog the maximum benefit and enjoyment each and every walk. Before our Walkers are given dogs to walk, they undergo full Training and an Internship which enables us to assess them, and also get to know them before pairing them with our Client’s dogs. We do ongoing quarterly training with our Walkers to keep them up to date with new techniques and skills.
We know that a good Dog Walker must be thorough in carrying out their duties, and so we give our Clients and Walkers access to an App. Dog owners are able to leave notes for the Walker regarding any issues relevant to the walk and the Walker is able to do the same for the Owner and also to upload photos taken during the walk so the Owner can see how much fun they both had! The Owner is also able to see the route that was walked on any particular day
We ensure that our Walkers have equipment such as “break sticks” with them in case they encounter other dogs that are less than friendly, and we carefully match our Walkers and your dogs. Everyone has to have fun, so your assigned Walker and your dog need to get along.
Power Paws doesn’t “pack walk” either. Each household has their own timeslot, and we have found that in some cases even within that, two dogs from the same household are happier being walked separately. As professionals, we recognise the cues, and we are able to adjust our Walker’s schedule to easily accommodate what works best for each dog, and if necessary, we’ll use two Walkers when there’s more than one dog being walked. We also take care to match the physical capabilities of our Walkers to the strength of the dog – for example, a power breed would be better walked by one of our more experienced and strong Walkers
Our aim is to see your dog flourish, to be in good health and to look forward to their walks. Our Walker’s sole focus is your dog, and they have the time to take them on long, interesting walks and provide a great source of entertainment and fun.
A tired dog is a good dog, and a good dog is a happy dog, especially when he has a Power Paws professional Walker with his best interests at heart.