The 10 Stages of a Power Paws Walk

Did you know…?

Humans live in a visual world.  We see our environment which helps us navigate our way in the world.  Dogs however live in a world of smells.  Smells help your dog understand, navigate and provide mental stimulation.  Your dog needs to sniff everything, therefore not allowing your dog to sniff while on a walk, is like a human wearing a blindfold.  Consider having your dog walked by professional dog walkers.

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Started in 2018, Power Paws gives pet owners peace of mind, knowing their dogs are in good hands.  Because we understand your dog is part of your family and you need someone you can trust with their daily walk, our team goes to great lengths to make sure your dog is taken care of before, during and after their walk.

Our team walks all breeds and has extensive experience with power breeds, older dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia, We offer dog walking in Edenvale and the surrounding suburbs.

We’d love to meet you and your pet to see how we can assist with your doggy’s daily exercise.  Contact us for more details.

Walking Stats

Our team has been pounding the pavement since 2018 and have definitely got their 10 000 steps per day in.  In fact in 54 months, our team has walked so many kilometres, they could’ve walked from Edenvale to Calgary (Canada) and back again.

No. of Steps
No. of Months

Happy Pet Parents

A big thank you to the Power Paws team on behalf of Rex, Sheba and Balloo!! These three have quickly learnt what their new routine is and absolutely LOVE their regular walks. They all know which day they are going to be walked and wait with GREAT anticipation for the big event! What excitement, they cannot contain themselves! Their new routine has made such a difference to them. Rex barks non stop until his walk has started.. just to let the world know he is doing his neighborhood round! Thank you so much in making such a wonderful difference in their lives.

Jenny Lombard

Wonderful!! Miley loves her weekly walks. Ondine has even taught her some tricks and given us ideas to keep Miley stimulated mentally. Highly recommended

Tracey Nel

We used Power Paws as petsitters for our dog over a long weekend. They visited twice a day for half an hour. Each time we got an update about our dog and general feedback about the house/complex. They also sent lots of pictures of our dog. We are very happy with the service that they provided and would definitely recommend them. Hope to see them again in the future!

Lizelle van Eeden

A fantastic group of ladies who love animals and revel in the opportunity to reach out to other animal lovers in their community. Everybody wants to be able to do what they love, and these ladies have made it reality.

Tamara Spinks

My dogs are loving their walks! Get so excited when it’s walk day. Thank you ladies for making their week and all the yummy treats too 🐾🐶

Gina Barreto

True professionals who are absolutely outstanding with our dogs. We have 3 power breeds and the ladies know how to manage them individually and as a group. They show a true love and understanding for animals and the dogs trust them completely, and love all the attention they get.

Clare Appleyard

I live in LA and my precious baby is staying with my folks in Edenvale.  Twice a week Power Paws takes my precious monkey for a walk and sends me loads of pictures.  I absolutely love that she is now getting to go for her long walks again.  The minute she sees Ondine, she is off and ready for her adventure.  She sniffs smells and leads the pace and when too tired, she even gets carried. THANK YOU for taking care of my sunshine.

Deirdre Fitzroy

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you for taking such good care of the dogs and cats while we were in Egypt. I really appreciated the updates on a daily basis as well as the photos. I came home and everyone was still there. Yay. It was one of my biggest fears that one of the animals would go walk about forever. However I got home and slowly but surely they all appeared one by one. Thank you so much for that. Thank you also for relaying the messages to my mother that we were all okay. She wasn’t answering her phone or reading her messages as she is not techno savvy. So thanks for looking after her as well.

Dawn Crawford

Power Paws has been walking my gentle giant Titan (great Dane/ pitbull) every Thursday for a few months now and he gets so crazy excited when he knows they are coming. It’s so cute how he waits and barks at the gate on a Thursday morning. Yesterday I had to call Power Paws to come as soon as they can because Titan was being impossible because he just wanted to go on his walk. Thank you guys for adding excitement into my gorgeous boys life. He loves you guys!

Joy Conradie

Happy dogs! Wonderful and caring Ladies who go the extra mile for my fur babies! Very happy with service and so are the pups!

Kimi Dyer

Amazing and reliable!!! My dogs are always super excited to go on their walks.

Sharon Eckert

It has been about 11 months since we engaged with Power Paws to walk our 3 daxies. They absolutely love their walks and look forward to it every week. They are trustworthy, really good with them and always keep you up to date with photos from their walk. The great thing is that they really do love and care for your dogs. They are a great team and I would highly recommend them.

Monica Monsanto

We are all very happy to have to have Power Paws in our lives. They are loving, reliable, caring and so much more. Nothing you ask is every too much for them and always with a smile. My dogs are always the most excited for their time together. Thank you for everything

Zehavit Yaretzkey

The most amazing dog walkers! They not only take great care with walking my Zoey they help her gain confidence as she is a rescue. They adapted to the dogs needs & make the walk a fun outing. My Zoey knows when Davina or Heidi are due for a visit & waits patiently for their much loved visits😁

Roslyn Edgecomb

Our 2 Schnauzers love their walks with Davina. They are so excited and happy to see her. We are absolutely satisfied with the great service from Power Paws and can highly recommend them. We trust Davina 100% as we know that our fur babies are in good hands.

Sandra Rempl

The girls at Power Paws are amazing. They are passionate about dogs and they go out of their way to accommodate you. They have been walking my beagles since January 19 and my dogs love them. I would highly recommend Power Paws.

Cheryl Waskis

I don’t know what I would do without Power Paws! They are passionate about what they do and professional in every way. My pugs are so excited to see them every time they arrive! Truly the best!

Loren Scott

The Power Paws ladies are reliable and professional but most importantly love dogs! My dogs would be very happy if they could be walked 24/7 and yelp with great excitement when it is time for their walkies! These walks have made a tremendous difference in their lives which I am very grateful for. I would highly recommend the Powerpaws Team!!

Jennifer Anne Lombard

I think my dogs, Kreukel and Maruka are more in love with their dog walkers than with me, which actually makes me very very happy. When they come to our door I can’t keep them quite – they go absolutely crazy when they hear them and then can’t wait for the minute they can embark on their exciting journey for the morning. Kreukel loves her daily swim and Maruka just want to come along and together their highlight of the day is walking the forest of Thornhill!!. Thank you Davina and your team, you make my life so much easier by loving my dogs so much!!

Ulricke Weitz

What a huge difference these ladies have made in our lives!

As a lady living alone, it is really difficult to manage two large dogs, let alone take them for a walk. And the guilt of leaving them all alone during the working day was really getting to me.

The Power Paws team took on my monsters with gusto. After the first outing they recommended a change to their leashes and harnesses and went out of their way to make the actual purchases on my behalf.

Now my monsters not only go for a walk, they ride in the car to the nearby park and enjoy a refreshing swim in the river chased by an exotic treat if they’ve been good.

I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in Diesel and Harley’s behavior since engaging the Power Paws ladies but there is absolutely nothing I can do about their squeals of delight and mad excitement when the ladies’ vehicles pull into the drive.

The ladies helped me out even further by taking the monsters to the vet for their annual check-up and inoculations. That could not have been easy! In fact Harley was such a handful Davina laughingly stated ‘I should have charged you more’. I think danger pay was in order 😂.

If you want to improve the quality of your dog’s life and expand his horizons, with 100% peace of mind,
Power Paws is the answer.

Lesley Ann Bennet

They Simply love walking my babies and my babies love being walked by Power Paws.

Jillian Richter Duarte

I travel a lot, so my poor elderly fur babies are often without me, but very well cared for by my support team, one of which being POWER PAWS!
Ondine and Davina, walk my dogs, take them to the vet when needed, and administer medication when required.
My mind is at peace a lot more now when I travel because I know my babies are cared for and loved.
Thank you POWER PAWS!

Helen Malisan

Even with hyperactive escape artist rescue dogs Ondine has not run away yet😂 Every week they come to take our two naughty ones for walkies, always on time and always caring. Ondine goes the extra mile to suggest and help us with any of our dog problems that we have experienced with adopting two rescue dogs. She is really a Gem and I could not recommend Power Paws enough!

Kim Dyer

The best! Wouldn’t trust anyone else. This team is so passionate about animals and it shows 🐾

Jamy-Lee Rahme

Power Paws take time understanding their clients. my dogs love their walk time!

Merrill Pullen

Power Paws and the Wet Nose Gang

I’m the owner of a beautiful but diverse pack of dogs affectionately known as the ‘Wet Nose Gang’.  I’m a regular dog walker at Huddle Park and frequently encountered Ondine or Davina from Power Paws with their doggy clients.  I recently needed surgery which would take me off my dog-walking legs for a few months and they were the first people I turned to.  I needed to hire them to walk my gang at least 3-4 times per week and it was certainly one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

I don’t spend a happier cent than when I’m buying something which benefits my gang and this certainly applies here.  The joy I see on my dogs’ faces when their doggy ‘uber’ arrives to take them to the park is incredible.  They can barely contain themselves when the girls from Power Paws arrive and it’s sometimes impossible even to get their collars and harnesses on.  Power Paws takes such amazing care of my dogs, even sending me pics of their morning adventures and this was such a special gift to me during my convalescence.  To know that my dogs are being walked and cared for by such a professional, knowledgeable and dog-loving team is incredibly reassuring to me, and as a result I’ve retained their services indefinitely.

I’ve come to know the Power Paws team well during the last few months and not only do I highly recommend them, I’m in awe of what they do.  They certainly deserve all the success that I know will come their way.

Thanks Power Paws girls!

Val Carter